Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Exclusively Brokering Home Care, Hospice and Behavioral Health Agencies

Stoneridge Partners | Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions: Executing a successful merger, acquisition or purchase of a home care, hospice or behavioral health agency is difficult and time consuming. Honestly, the majority of owners do not have the necessary knowledge or experience needed for the process. Furthermore, it steals the owner’s valuable time and energy from running the business. Despite years of hard work and high risk, it’s common for a founder or investor to only reap financial rewards after the company sells or merges. Stoneridge Partners | Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions

Stoneridge Partners Helps the Business Owner

Stoneridge Partners works with you – owners, your investors, your team – to form a strategic alliance. We provide a complete transaction process customized to your home care, hospice or behavioral health business. We enable you to enter the market Stoneridge Partners | Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitionsprepared, so your price and position is never compromised. Our focus is to facilitiate offers that provide value and make sense for you. We guide you through this critical transition and you continue to do what you do best – run your company.

Our commitment begins at our first meeting, before any transaction, and continues after completion of the deal. Our goal is to develop a solid, ongoing relationship that lends to your business success beyond the individual transaction. We continuously strive to gain an understanding of your goals, your business and the healthcare industry in general. This allows us to provide you with the best advice possible even if that advice is not pursuing a transaction at all.

No Up-Front Fees

Stoneridge Partners is compensated only when your business sells – in the form of a set percentage of the sales price. As the business owner, you have absolute discretion as to accept or reject any offer. We charge no up-front fees.