Stoneridge Q&A with Brian Heck

Senior Vice President and Associate Partner Talks About Challenges Facing ID/DD Providers and Effects of COVID-19 on Market Activity   You bring years of experience in working with Intellectual Disability/Developmental Disability (ID/DD) providers to Stoneridge. Tell us a little bit about your background. I’ve spent more than a decade working in the ID/DD industry, most […]

Stoneridge Partners Speakers Series

As the country starts making plans to safely reopen the economy after weeks in lockdown in response to the coronavirus, national healthcare mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm Stoneridge Partners is joining forces with other recognized industry experts to provide insights into the state of the current healthcare M&A market. At 1:30 pm ET on May 20, 2020, [...]

Available Opportunities 3/26/2020

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW FLORIDA: Stoneridge File #SBA-6942 South Florida staffing agency $2 million+ revenue Approximately 30% gross margin Licensed to service entire state of Florida Systems and staff in place NEW TENNESSEE: Stoneridge File #STS-3060 Medication-assisted treatment center located in west Tennessee Licensed for office-based opioid treatment Great reputation and team in place; fast growing with 250 patients […]

Stoneridge Q&A with Rich Tinsley

The M&A Firm’s President and CEO Talks Trends, Offers Advice for Healthcare Businesses Looking to the Future   You’ll be speaking at Home Health Care News’ upcoming Capital + Strategy conference. Who is Capital + Strategy for – who should be thinking about adding this to their list of conferences to attend next year? Capital […]

Available Opportunities 2/20/2020

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW OKLAHOMA: Stoneridge File #SBA-6607 Medicare certified home health organization $9.6 million in annual revenue 98% traditional Medicare and other PPS Payors Medicare/Medicaid certification Multiple locations TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-4994 $5 million revenue Home health and hospice covering 10 counties in West Texas/Eastern New Mexico No clinical issues, under CAP Very profitable Easily separated TEXAS: Stoneridge […]

Available Opportunities 1/23/2020

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW NEW MEXICO: Stoneridge File #SBA-5334 Home health and hospice $15 million annual revenue Revenue split Home Health: 2/3 Hospice: 1/3 Medicare/Medicaid certification Accredited NEW MID-ATLANTIC: Stoneridge File #SBH-9651 $10+ million home care agency Non-skilled, primarily Medicaid reimbursed 20% EBITDA margins Strong management team in place NEW MASSACHUSETTS: Stoneridge File #SBB-7607 Medicare/Medicaid home health agency Motivated seller in […]

Available Opportunities 1/16/2020

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW CALIFORNIA: Stoneridge File #STS-1907 $2.7 million neuroscience-driven recovery treatment center for sports brain injury, addiction, anxiety, and pain Helped over 180 professional athletes from NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB $486,000 EBITDA All-star management and treatment team offering full continuum of care Minimal competition in this space NEW FLORIDA: Stoneridge File #SBA-3029 Medicare certified home health […]

Available Opportunities 12/5/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW SOUTH: Stoneridge File #STS-2108 Rare opportunity, large MAT/Suboxone provider 1400 patients, 3 offices Great reputation, strong management $2.5 million revenue, $1.2 million AEBITDA CALIFORNIA: Stoneridge File #SJL-7229 $11 million revenue Multi-location addiction treatment center Southern California 21% bottom line Strong growth trends JCAHO accredited TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-5322 $5.3 million Medicaid agency in San Antonio, […]

Available Opportunities 11/7/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW MICHIGAN: Stoneridge File #SBB-8684 Medicare home health and hospice agency $10 million annual revenue Attractive referral relationships TENNESSEE: Stoneridge File #SCM-8651 Very rare opportunity in a CON State Located in Davidson County in Nashville, TN Projected 2019 revenue in excess of $800,000 TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-5322 $5.3 million Medicaid agency in San Antonio, TX 16.5% […]

Available Opportunities 10/24/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW KENTUCKY: Stoneridge File #STS-2658 Suboxone only Medication-Assisted treatment center Strategic location between Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky Great reputation with strong clinical team in place 110 clients with room to expand and grow, minimal marketing In-network contracts Clients come in twice a month and pay $150 per visit for counseling Owners are near retirement […]