Available Opportunities 11/7/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW MICHIGAN: Stoneridge File #SBB-8684 Medicare home health and hospice agency $10 million annual revenue Attractive referral relationships TENNESSEE: Stoneridge File #SCM-8651 Very rare opportunity in a CON State Located in Davidson County in Nashville, TN Projected 2019 revenue in excess of $800,000 TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-5322 $5.3 million Medicaid agency in San Antonio, TX 16.5% […]

Available Opportunities 10/24/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW KENTUCKY: Stoneridge File #STS-2658 Suboxone only Medication-Assisted treatment center Strategic location between Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky Great reputation with strong clinical team in place 110 clients with room to expand and grow, minimal marketing In-network contracts Clients come in twice a month and pay $150 per visit for counseling Owners are near retirement […]

Available Opportunities 10/9/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-8406 $4 million home health company Dallas/Fort Worth based Full staff in place Medicare and managed care with great contracts TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-3670 $3.5 million home care company 100% Medicaid Houston based 20%+ year over year revenue growth since 2016 Nice bottom line TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-6080 $1.7 million Medicare home […]

5 M&A Stakeholders and The Roles They Play

Similar to any major production, the M&A process requires that the right people are in the right places, and at the right time. Veteran deal makers understand that involving the right stakeholders at the proper time can have a significant impact on the M&A process, and possibly the ultimate value of the deal. For small […]

Available Opportunities 9/18/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW NORTH CAROLINA: Stoneridge File #SBB-4927 $5 million Medicaid agency CAP/PCS services Long history, quality services NEW MICHIGAN: Stoneridge File #SBH-1697 $2 million ID/DD Profitable Existing management team in place Greater Detroit area NEW COLORADO: Stoneridge File #SJL-7771 Opportunity to establish Medicare home health agency Denver market ACHC accreditation until 2022 Conference News: Brian Bruenderman, Partner and Executive […]

Available Opportunities 9/11/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE FLORIDA: Stoneridge File #SCM-6925 $9.5 million home health agency Very strong operationally, clinically and financially 99% revenue traditional Medicare SOUTH CENTRAL: Stoneridge File #SBB-2667 100% private pay home agency $10+ million revenue Leader in metropolitan market SOUTH CAROLINA: Stoneridge File #SJL-3009 CHAP accredited hospice 125-patient census and still growing Expertly run with full staff in […]

Available Opportunities 9/5/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE FLORIDA: Stoneridge File #SBA-1730 District 3 Medicare Certified Home Health Agency Census less than 30 4.5-star & Home Care Elite 2 years running Motivated seller MID-ATLANTIC: Stoneridge File #SBB-2667 $11 million revenue private pay Mid-size metropolitan area Largest in market NEW MEXICO: Stoneridge File #SBA-5295 $1.9 million revenue 81% Medicare certified Licensed in 2 counties […]

Available Opportunities 8/15/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE SOUTH CAROLINA: Stoneridge File #SJL-3009 CHAP accredited hospice 125 patient census and still growing Expertly run with full staff in place No compliance, CAP or legal issues TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-5800 Almost 100% Medicare Texas based home health agency $6+ million revenue Extremely profitable Perfect surveys with a 4-star rating & consistently ranked as […]

Available Opportunities 7/17/19

AGENCIES FOR SALE NEW MID-WEST: Stoneridge File #SBH-9071 $5 million Mid-West based ABA provider Day supports and counseling Highly profitable and respected CARF accredited Contracted with State and Insurance companies NEW TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-2338 Established and clean home health provider number Dallas market TEXAS: Stoneridge File #SJL-5971 $2 million Medicare home health agency in Austin, TX Offers […]