The companies we represent can be separated into five segments: (1) agencies that provide Medicare services ; (2) agencies that provide state funded programs, such as Medicaid and Med Waiver; (3) true private duty agencies; (4) hospice agencies; and, (5) behavioral health companies.

At this time, the market for Medicare agencies is going through a massive consolidation as reimbursement continues to decrease and issues, such as Face-to-Face documentation, become increasingly onerous. The market for Medicaid agencies continues to be very strong; the market for private duty agencies has been consistently good, year after year. One of the strongest markets right now is hospice as consolidation continues at a rapid pace.

Behavioral health is another area with a strong market. We work with agencies that provide services to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, often referred to as MR/DD or ID/DD. Prices for these companies continue to be strong.