SRP Bookkeeping and Tax Services

If you are not keeping your financial records up to date then you have NO idea how your business is doing. Looking at your cash balance is NOT the way to grow your business. Sign up TODAY and we will waive your start-up fee of $500

SRP Bookkeeping and Tax Services offers three basic bookkeeping services:

Basic Plan

we record your bank transactions (up to 2 accounts; combination of bank or credit card accounts) for a small monthly fee of $300. We prepare your financial statements including an income statement, balance sheet and bank reconciliations. Add $50 per additional bank account.

Basic Plan +

we download your transactions from your existing subledgers (AP. AR, PR) and make appropriate entries to prepare financial statements for a monthly fee of $450.

Premium Plan

we prepare your transactions
for the following modules:
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll

Accounts Payable

Maintain vendor files.
Prepare invoices for payment via check or bank draft pending your approval.
Prepare year end 1099’s for applicable vendors.
$125 per month up to 50 transactions+ basic plan fee

Accounts Receivable

Maintain Vendor files.
Prepare invoices to mail or email.
Prepare and mail/email monthly statements.
Post cash when payments are received.
Prepare sales tax return (additional fee).
$125 per month up to 35 transactions + basic plan fee
(add $1.00 per invoice or statement mailed)


We partner with a local or regional payroll firm of your choosing. The monthly fee for this will be the third-party fee plus $125 per month for posting the detailed transactions needed to prepare the monthly financial statements.

Tax Services

Upon a separate agreement and pricing schedule SRP Bookkeeping and Tax Services will complete your business tax return. If the business tax return flows to the personal tax return we can complete the personal tax return under a separate fee schedule. (2017 fee schedule to be attached)