Buying/Selling a Home Health Care Business

Acquiring selling a home health care firm can be confusing and tedious. If you are doing it for the first time, you need an expert to guide you and make sure you are not paying for more in the case of a purchase, and you are getting maximum profits during a sale. At Stoneridge partners, we are a mergers and acquisition advisory firm that will help facilitate transactions that give you value. Our employees are a group of professionals with years of experience and expertise, significant relationships and industry knowledge needed to provide a smooth transition for all parties. Our representation is professional and confidential throughout the whole process.

What is a home health care business?

A healthcare firm is one that offers home health care services. Individuals with illnesses and injuries can receive these services at home. Home health care treatment is affordable, convenient, and useful. It is like receiving treatment in a hospital or clinic. Some of the services include injections, patient education, nutrition therapy, wound treatment, monitoring of chronic diseases, etc. such services will help you regain your esteem, dependence and be self-independent. You should have approval/orders from your doctor to receive home health care service. It is wise to ensure the home health care agent is updating your doctor with your progress.

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Most business owners as “lifestyle” business owners

Owning a business has many benefits. You get to be your boss, make independent decisions that help maximize profits and above all do what you are passionate about and love. Your business can be a thing of personal interest or hobby, which makes you, love and enjoy running it. This means you own a business, but you are a “lifestyle” business owner. A “lifestyle” business owner does not focus much on maximizing profits but creating and sustaining a pleasant and harmonious balance of work and his or her life. The business makes profits to allow the owner enjoy his or her current way of life without disrupting the private life. Although the firm or company is profit oriented, it does not prioritize on maximizing revenue much.

For this reason, not many individuals would be willing to sell such a business since it helps them make profits while living a life with fewer disruptions. To buy a company from a “lifestyle” business owner can be a tough task. You need to be very talented to convince such a person to sell. However, you do not need to worry if you need to buy. Stoneridge Partners got your back. Our team of professionals will do all the convincing and negotiations for you and ensure you are getting a good deal.

We will utilize our EBITDA Calculation Worksheet a popular accounting system to determine how the business performs and whether it is worth acquiring. We place your interests ahead of others whether you are a first client or a returning one.

Types of business brokers to help buy/sell a business

Brokers come in many forms; some want to make cash, some experienced/inexperienced, others are certified, others have established good relationships, etc. when hiring a broker to help you buy or sell a home health care business, make sure he or she is experienced in that area. For instance, at Stoneridge Partners, our workers are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the healthcare industry. We have successfully represented many clients in acquisitions and sales of healthcare business so we have an excellent record of accomplishment that you can trust.

In conclusion, if you wish to sell or buy a home healthcare business contact Stoneridge Partners today and learn more.

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