Buying/Selling a Behavioral Health Center

Founded in 2001, we at Stoneridge Partners Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Firm are committing to brokering buying and selling of mid-market home care, hospices and behavioral health agencies.

We partner with our clients in these kinds of processes by completely taking care of all the details from start to finish so that they continue without interruption their normal business affairs. We guarantee that our full representation of our clients is completely thorough at all times. These services will include complete preparation and/or management of financial statements.

But that is just the beginning. You can expect full professional business packaging, skillful dealing with the buyers and/or sellers, comprehensive evaluation of industry opportunities, the most current advice based on the particular industry.

If there is anything that we do not typically provide our client, and it is a market-related service that you desire, just ask and if possible we will make it happen. Our staff constantly stays up to date on the latest info in a vast variety of industries, constantly attending conferences, presentations, and meetings.

If you are seeking to sell your business, we can quickly give you its Enterprise Value. This is its estimated market value. This is something known to and utilized by private equity and investment banking professionals.

The EV will be your EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization). The number given here will be changed according to the buyer’s risk-assessment of the enterprise in question.

The EBITDA Multiple is also a vast list of other factors. You can be sure that we will be absolutely thorough about this. The highest EBITDA Multiple numbers that you will see are usually in the medical and aerospace industries.

With our Stoneridge Partners | EBITDA Calculation Worksheet (popular accounting system) we will be able to determine the business’s performance.

Stoneridge Partners EBITDA Calculation Worksheet

There are usually several EBITDA calculations taken. It is often the case that one of the ones taken in the first 12 months is used, but it is best to take an average of all that were done. This is the case because it is very possible that a dip in the company value took place after the first 12 months and prior to it being sold. The buyer will also need to have a say in all that is considered for the EBITDA numbers.

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Stoneridge Partner’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team is girded with leading professionals knowledgeable in the law, finance, data research, government, and healthcare. In addition, these professionals maintain close contact will insiders in a multiplicity of industries throughout the country.

We and these sources are also very open to clients contacting them directly. Call us and ask us for contact info of an insider in one of the following industries: accounting, banking, compliance, cybersecurity, human resources, investment, legal, lending, private equity, or website/SEO fields.

Our top specialty industry is healthcare. We know all to well that the healthcare industry can be an incredibly complicated thing but is also an incredibly important thing. We want to do our part to help this all-important part of society flourish.

You will find SP’s offices in Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas. Our professionals are ready and willing to assist companies of just about any shape and size. We will also help you raise needed funds for your project.

Past customers have expressed deep satisfaction with Stoneridge Partners helping them either buy or sell companies. They say SP did the whole thing exactly as they promised. If you are looking to buy or sell a Behavioral Health Center you can absolutely do no better than Stoneridge Partners.

Our clients can also always expect complete professionalism and confidentiality from us. Our headquarters are located in Louisville, KY. You can mail us at 710 Breckenridge Lane, Suite 301, Louisville, KY 40207; call us at 800-218-3944 or 239-561-0826; or email us at

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