Valuation Services

How much is my healthcare business worth in today’s market? This is one of the most difficult questions an owner can ask. Even more difficult is where to go for a legitimate answer? Our past experience has revealed many owners visit one of these for an answer.

    • General business broker – They may be inexperienced or biased, perhaps giving you a high valuation in order to get the selling assignment.
    • CPA or appraiser – Sadly, we have found it common that the price given in a formal appraisal may not come close to the reality of the marketplace. These professionals can also be expensive.
    • Friend or relative – Really? Your friends or family may be biased, having a stake in your decision. And, honestly, they probably don’t know.

    Based on almost two decades as business intermediaries, who specialize in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, we have a different answer. We’ve developed an inexpensive, formalized valuation service, specifically designed to give an approximation of an agency’s selling price. We term this the Most Probable Selling Price, which is expressed as a range.

    Our calculation of Most Probable Selling Price is based upon:

    • Agency financial statements
    • A brief questionnaire and interview
    • Comparable sales
    • Our knowledge of current market conditions

    The price for this service starts at only $500. If you would like further information about how our valuation services equal your most probably selling price, call (800) 218-3944 or e-mail

    Our Most Probable Selling Price is a one page Letter of Opinion (not an appraisal) that is designed to provide a written preliminary value to assist an owner in pricing a business. This does not take the place of formal appraisals which are designed for the court room, or if the report needs to be reviewed by others, such as the IRS.