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Some of our Premier Listings

State Agency Profile Status Reference Number
Central Midwest $5 million Medicare certified home health agency with small hospice operations. Strong bottom line and continued growth opportunities. Management team in place and outstanding clinical. Available SBA-9010
Pennsylvania $2.8 million Medicare certified home health agency with small hospice operations in Eastern Pennsylvania. 72% traditional Medicare for home health. Great tuck-in opportunity for strategic buyer. Requires corporate support functions. Available SBA-4227
Texas $1.9 million Medicare certified home health agency providing service to Region 2. More than 88% of revenue is from traditional Medicare. Available SBA-3650
Florida Accredited home health agency with approximately $850,000 in traditional Medicare revenue. Solid bottom line. 4.5 stars. Florida district 9. Available SDC-5177
Texas $4.1 million Dallas based home care company. Well managed and showing strong growth trends for 2016. Available SJL-6002
Pennsylvania Approx. $2 million in revenue. Licensed for entire state of Pennsylvania, so ready for growth. Available SJL-9991
Virginia $2.5 million home health with a hospice. Medicare & Medicaid provider. Full staff in place. Available SJL-9002
New Jersey Opportunity to enter much sought after New Jersey market via a small hospice in the southern part of the state. Available SJL-9002a
Illinois $5.5 million accredited Medicare agency located in northeastern Illinois. Strong bottom line. 4 1/2 star rating by CMS. Available SDC-2734
Pennsylvania $1.8 million Medicare agency located in eastern Pennsylvania. 82% traditional Medicare. Growing agency with strong potential for future growth. Under Contract SBA-2745
Florida Orange county Medicare agency located in District 7. $3.5 million in revenue. Diversified payor base includes private pay, Medicare & Medicare. Available SDC-3739
Florida Broward county Medicare agency located in District 10. $1.8 million in revenue. Diversified payor base includes private pay, Medicaid & Medicare. Accredited. Established many years. Available SDC-7120
Texas $4.9 million well established Medicare Provider in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Deficiency free and showing positive growth Available SJL-4918
Tennessee CON for 5 counties in Southeastern TN. Estimated service area of more than 530,000 people with over 87,000 who are older than 65. Rare opportunity to establish or expand services in populous CON Under Contract SBA-6338
Alabama CON for 7 counties in Northeastern AL. Estimated service area of more than 550,000 people with over 91,000 who are older than 65. Rare opportunity to establish or expand services in populous CON Under Contract SBA-6777
Florida Just under $2 million accredited Medicare home health agency in District 8 Under Contract SBA-5224
Pennsylvania $4+ million hospice located in Western Pennsylvania. Under Contract SBA-5001
Ohio $4+ million Medicare/Medicaid agency located in NE Ohio. Available SBA-8002
New York and New Jersey Approximately $3 million private pay agency. Licensed in the 5 Boroughs of NY and the entire state of NJ with current operations predominantly in Central NJ. Under Contract SBA-8015
Mid-Atlantic $30 million Medicare/Medicaid agency with multiple branches in several states, including CON service areas. Long history and great reputation for quality care Under Contract SBB-8300
New Jersey $3.5 million Medicaid agency in Northern NJ. Great opportunity for existing operator to add revenue and service area. Motivated seller. Available SBB-9254
Oklahoma $1.5 million Medicare agency.  89% of revenue from traditional Medicare. Available SJL-4131
Texas $4.8 million Medicare agency in Houston metro area with solid bottom line. 65% of revenue from traditional Medicare and the balance in private non-skilled care. Under Contract SJL-2000
Minnesota $14 million revenue Medicare/Medicaid home health agency, well established and deficiency free.  SE Minnesota location. Available SJL-5268
Florida Pinellas/Pasco Counties – $5.5 million Medicare home health agency for sale in district 5, Florida. Excellent outcomes, strong clinical programs, excellent management team in place. $1.1 million bottom line. Under Contract SBA-4109
Rhode Island $2.6 million Medicare home health agency.  Accredited in CON state. Available SBB-1100
Colorado $2.5 million home health and hospice in North Central Colorado. Well located, growing and clean company with a great deal of potential. Professionally managed with an excellent reputation. Complete clinical and office staff in place. Available SJL-1005
Florida $4 million pure private pay with strong bottom line.  Upscale home care located on the central east coast of Florida.  Accredited. Under Contract SDC-3250
Massachusetts $5+ million home health agency, primarily Medicaid, but also private pay and commercial insurance, along with Medicare certification. Zero deficiencies on last survey. Under Contract SBA-9300
Texas $3.3 million accredited Medicare home health agency. Profitable and still growing with approximately 87% of revenue coming from traditional Medicare. Strong marketing team in place with diversified referral sources. Under Contract SJL-1500
Ohio Ohio Medicare Certified home health agency in Columbus area, well established with approx. $2.5 million in revenue, 75% traditional Medicare. Diverse payor sources. Available SBA-5232
Texas $4 million East Texas Medicare certified home health agency with diverse payor sources, including Medicare, Medicaid, pediatric and private pay Available SJL-3665
Texas $1.5 million East Texas Medicare certified home health agency, providing skilled care, approx. 75% from traditional PPS Medicare.  Last survey was deficiency free. Under Contract SJL-4088
Texas $2 million Fort Worth Medicare agency, approx. 90% traditional Medicare. Deficiency free survey. Under Contract SJL-2650
Florida Lee county Medicare agency located in District 8. Approx. $400,000 in revenue. Accredited. 4 1/2 star rating. Oasis Quality Assessment 97.7%. Under Contract SBA-4186
New Jersey Opportunity to establish a hospice. Licensed for the entire state of NJ. No CAP issues. Under Contract SBA-5791
Illinois Opportunity to establish a Medicare certified home health agency. Pristine license in state under moratorium. Medicare certification. Accredited. Available SBA-5000
Michigan Small Medicare provider in Ann Arbor. 2015 run rate of $300,000+. Accredited. Turn-key operation. Available SBA-3160